Aroma Holiday 6 x Soy Candle Wax Melts - New York - Earthy

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Aroma Holiday 6 x Soy Candle Wax Melts - New York - Earthy




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Aroma Holiday's Iconic English Handmade Luxury Scented Products.

Inspired by the owners love for travelling the globe as a younger man, Aroma Holiday's timeless luxury candle brand, invites you to relax and take a well-earned "Stay-cation". 

Transport your home with sensual luxury candle fragrances, to lost moments in time, stimulating fond thoughts of past exotic holidays, romantic nights or long forgotten childhood memories.

Where possible, we aim to use 100% natural, sustainable and recyclable materials within all our quality products for a healthier, cleaner sumptuous lifestyle.

Why not visit a different place in every room of your home and explore the Aroma Holiday world today. 

Our destination Wax Melts feature easily breakable squares fitting any standard wax warmer, traditional or electric. 

Break off a wax melt square onto a wax burner and light a tea light below, or use an electric burner needing no flame. 

Each pack contains 6 individual cubes of destination heaven!

New York - Apple, Cinnamon, Chestnut & Fresh Brewed Creamy Coffee

Remember taking that small bite out of the Big Apple, the diverse cultures and its overpowering energy. Gooey pastry for breakfast is tough to beat, sticky buns and cinnamon rolls were the perfect start. 

As you walk down those streets paved with gold, towards Time Square, famous songs summing up the City invade your head and scents from vendors and iconic American diners fill your scences Chestnuts, Freshly brewed Coffee, confirm this vibrant cosmopolitan experience.....take a deep breath, you are living NYC.